Just a Quick Update….

So, how ’bout them Giants?

Fun fact: the Giants have won the Pennant once more than they’ve played in the Word Series. Anyone know why?

I’m in San Francisco right now, and from the images on TV, the parade was pretty crazy. Something like 1 million people showed up? Luckily it wasn’t near CPMC and we were able to get to the hospital alright.

I had my Gastric Emptying Study done this morning. It was actually my second one, since I had one done at Enloe in Chico, but this one included liquids as well as solids. Basically it involved my eating radioactive Egg Beaters and toast and the getting scanned after 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours. In between, we explored the hospital a bit and hung out in different waiting rooms. I read a few magazines and played around with my phone, but found I couldn’t really read books. It was too noisy, for one thing, and I was too tired and distracted.

The preliminary results from the GES (just unofficial numbers) look good, ie no gastroparesis. That’s what we expected, but it’s nice to have it confirmed.

Now I’m back in the hotel room resting up before tomorrow. Tomorrow’s the big day: the endoscopy and antroduodenal manometry/motility study (I’ve seen it called both things but they’re the same.) This is the one that took so long to schedule — because I need an anesthesiologist!!! I have to admit that I’m quite nervous about tomorrow. It’s not so much the procedure itself as the anesthesia that scares me. It’s my bad drug reactions that have forced me to have it in the first place (my doctor normally would have used Versed or Benadryl but…there are quite a few people who can attest to problems with that for me.) I worry  about having an episode, either of paralysis or vomiting. I…well, I won’t go into it all, for my sanity as well as yours. I’ve  already talked to an anesthesiology nurse on the phone and I plan to talk to a doctor as well before I get anything. It’s a really good hospital and, logically, I know that I should be fine. Just that I really shouldn’t read arguments over whether or not HKPP increases the risk of malignant hyperthermia…or Google malignant hyperthermia. 

I plan to do a catch up post about the last couple weeks at some point — there are lots of things I want to write about. Sure, there are some medical things (another infusion, a good GI appointment, another paralysis episode), but there are also fun things (some new food favorites, BOOKS) I’ll get there but it will probably be after another update about this stuff.

So, the game plan:
6 am tomorrow, endoscopy (w/anesthesia) and antroduodenal manometry

Next Thursday morning: Hydrogen breath test (for SIBO)

Next Thursday midday: follow up with Dr. Shetler

I have an Instagram now (whimsicaldesperation) so if anyone wants to follow me, if Im up for it I’ll probably update there and Facebook before anywhere else.