Books Read 2012

  1. Sayers, Whose Body.
  2. Gaskell, Wives and Daughters
  3. Christie, Murder on the Orient Express
  4. Racine, Esther
  5. Bronte, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
  6. Christie, The Secret Adversary
  7. Racine, Alexandre le Grande
  8. Wilde, An Ideal Husband
  9. Bujold, Brothers in Arms
  10. De Amici, Heart
  11. Montgomery, Kilmeny of the Orchard
  12. Corneille, Rodogune
  13. Diderot, La Religieuse
  14. Montgomery, Blue Castle
  15. de Troyes, Lancelot
  16. Voltaire, Dictionnaire philosophique
  17. Rousseau, Reveries d’un promeneur solitaire
  18. Fforde, Wedding Season
  19. Racine, Mithridate
  20. Restif, La Vie de mon pere
  21. Restif, L’an deux-mille
  22. Sayers, Clouds of Witness
  23. Chekhov, The Duel and Other Stories
  24. Orrey, A Concise History of Opera
  25. Graves, Fairies and Fusilliers
  26. Heyer, Pistols for Two
  27. Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida
  28. O’Brien, Byron in Love
  29. Shakespeare, Macbeth
  30. Burnett, The Secret Garden
  31. Stendhal, La Vie de Henry Brulard
  32. Tolstoy, The Light Shines in Darkness
  33. Wodehouse, Right Ho, Jeeves
  34. Balzac, Eugenie Grandet
  35. Bronte, Jane Eyre
  36. Balzac, Father Goriot
  37. von Arnim, Enchanted April
  38. McKeau, The Secret Lives of Dresses
  39. Isherwood, Goodbye to Berlin
  40. Heyer, The Black Moth
  41. Bryson, Shakespeare
  42. Bujold, Komarr
  43. Heyer, The Grand Sophy
  44. Solomon, The Novel in the Viola
  45. Kundera, Slowness
  46. Brody, Irrepressible
  47. Bujold, A Civil Campaign
  48. Bujold, Barrayar
  49. Gibbons, The Match-maker
  50. Wodehouse, Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves
  51. Thirkell, Enter Sir Robert
  52. Cardetti, Death in the Latin Quarter
  53. Bujold, Beguilement
  54. Coward, Private Lives
  55. Trollope, Phineas Finn
  56. Shaw, The Philanderer
  57. Bujold, Ethan of Athos
  58. Bujold, Falling Free
  59. Collins, The Hunger Games
  60. Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  61. Klehr and Haynes, In Denial
  62. Bujold, Diplomatic Immunity
  63. Carr, Medieval Wales
  64. Wodehouse, Picadilly Jim
  65. Doyle, A Study in Scarlet
  66. Thomson, The Transformation of Medieval England
  67. Ormrod, Political Life in Medieval England, 1300-1450
  68. Gaskell, Mary Barton
  69. Stevenson, Prince Otto
  70. Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  71. Duffy, Ireland in the Middle Ages
  72. Bowler, The Invention of Progress
  73. Milne, Once on a Time
  74. Seward, The Wars of the Roses
  75. Kinsella, I’ve Got Your Number
  76. Pollard, The Wars of the Roses
  77. Bujold, Memory
  78. Collins, Catching Fire
  79. Collins, Mockingjay
  80. Wodehouse, Psmith in the City
  81. Rankin, Hide and Seek
  82. Wodehouse, Mike and Psmith
  83. Shaw, An Unsocial Socialist
  84. Gaskell, Cranford
  85. Bujold, The Warrior’s Apprentice
  86. Oz, Panther in the Basement
  87. Pugh, State and Society
  88. Rankin,
  89. Bujold, Ethan of Athos
  90. Bujold, Brothers in Arms
  91. Graves, Goodbye to All That
  92. Chua, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
  93. Shakespeare, Macbeth
  94. Bujold, Shards of Honor
  95. Wodehouse, Psmith, Journalist
  96. Doyle, The Sign of Four
  97. Bujold, Cetaganda
  98. Wodehouse, Love Among the Chickens
  99. Christie, Murder in Mesopotamia
  100. Shaw, Mrs. Warren’s Profession
  101. Mitford, Wigs on the Green
  102. Christie, Five Little Pigs
  103. Mitford, The Pursuit of Love
  104. Shakespeare, Macbeth
  105. Beerbohm, Zuleika Dobson
  106. Bujold, Legacy
  107. Spark, Symposium
  108. Heath, Lord Buckingham’s Bride
  109. Williams, How to Be Married
  110. Bennett, The Uncommon Reader
  111. Shaw, How He Lied to Her Husband
  112. Wodehouse, Politeness of Princes
  113. Sayers, Gaudy Night
  114. Hact, The Runaway
  115. Heyer, Envious Casca
  116. Gibbons, Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm
  117. Christie, Lord Edgeware Dies
  118. Kearsley, Mariana
  119. Kearsley, The Shadowy Horses
  120. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (audio)
  121. Neels, A Girl to Love
  122. Powell, Julie and Julia
  123. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (audio)
  124. Cannan, Princes in the Land
  125. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (audio)
  126. Fforde, Restoring Grace
  127. Quin, An Offer from a Gentleman
  128. Heyer, Bath Tangle
  129. Clary, Briefs Encountered
  130. Johnson, Mummy Diaries
  131. Thompson, Lark Rise
  132. Bowen and Ritchie, Love’s Civil Wars
  133. de Courcy, 1939: The Last Season
  134. Brecht, Das Leben des Galilei
  135. CHristie, Murder on the Orient Express
  136. Harbach, The Art of Fielding
  137. James, Children of Men
  138. Gumbel and Charles, Oklahoma City
  139. Rankin, Strip Jack
  140. Ashdown-Hill, The Last Days of Richard III
  141. McCafferty, Sloppy Firsts
  142. Rankin, The Black Book
  143. Martin, Picasso’s War
  144. Bujold, Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance
  145. Bujold, Shards of Honor
  146. Kundera, Unbearable Lightness of Being
  147. Bowland, The Living Gluten-Free Answer Book
  148. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (audio)
  149. Harkness, A Discovery of Witches
  150. Kaplan, Dreaming in French
  151. Kinsella, I’ve Got Your Number
  152. Rankin, Mortal Causes
  153. Larson, In the Garden of Beasts
  154. Hale, Austenland
  155. Kinsella, Can You Keep A Secret?
  156. Isherwood, The Memorial
  157. Fforde, Practically Perfect
  158. Pullman, Lyra’s Oxford
  159. Ibbotson, The Dragonfly Pool
  160. Walton, Farthing
  161. Fforde, Stately Pursuits
  162. Buckley, Florence of Arabia
  163. Brashares, Sisterhood Everlasting
  164. Silva, The Fallen Angel
  165. Cabot, Size 12 Is Not Fat
  166. Cabot, Size 12 and Ready to Rock
  167. Cabot, Queen of Babble in the Big City
  168. Osborne, Park Lane
  169. Shumway, 10 Girls to Watch
  170. Fforde, Highland Fling
  171. Brashares, My Name is Memory
  172. Walton, Among Others
  173. Buckley, No Way to Treat a First Lady
  174. Wodehouse, How Right You Are, Jeeves
  175. Menand, American Studies
  176. Heyer, An Infamous Army
  177. Nesbo, The Leopard
  178. Naylor and Hare, The Second Assistant
  179. Naylor and Hare, The First Assistant
  180. Paull, Flight of Betrayal
  181. Cabot, Queen of Babble Gets Hitched
  182. Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
  183. Baum, Wizard of Oz
  184. Robbins, Pledged
  185. Connelly, Lincoln Lawyer
  186. Harbison, Thin, Rich, Pretty
  187. Heyer, April Lady
  188. Dessen, Dreamland
  189. Rushdie, Joseph Anton
  190. Connelly, The Reversal
  191. Rowling, The Casual Vacancy
  192. Walton, Half a Crown
  193. Heyer, Devil’s Cub
  194. Lowry, Son
  195. McKay, The Secret Lives of Codebreakers
  196. Heyer, A Civil Contract
  197. Cooper, A Brief History of Montmaray
  198. Skloot, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  199. Cabot, Insatiable
  200. Mitford, Hons and Rebels
  201. Grisham, The Bracketeer
  202. Kaufman, Oxford Messed Up
  203. James, Paris in Love
  204. Tolkien, Fellowship of the Ring
  205. Johnson, The Ghost Map
  206. Cooper, FitzOsbornes in Exile
  207. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  208. Cooper, FitzOsbornes at War
  209. Shaffer and Barrows, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
  210. Porter, A Girl of the Limberlost
  211. Asaro, Sunrise Alley
  212. Webster, Dear Enemy
  213. Nesbit, The Enchanted Castle
  214. Moriarty, The Life Murder of Bindy MacKenzie
  215. Webster, Daddy-Long-Legs
  216. Smith, I Capture the Castle

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