My (nose) laid bare



Notice anything different?

Yes, this Wednesday, I got my NJtube removed! In my last post, I mentioned that there was something I was hoping to be able to announce. Well…voila! After six long weeks, I no longer have tubing sprouting from my face. My pre-albumin levels are back solidly into normal territory and I’ve gained four pounds. (Hopefully I can do the rest on my own.) As annoying, even painful, as the tube was at times, it definitely served its purpose. It helped to stabilize me and start getting my weight up.

Removing the tube was far easier than putting it in. It was a little uncomfortable, and there were even a couple of seconds of pain, and it felt a bit weird in my stomach, not just my nose, but all in all, it was a quick and easy process. (Basically, the intervention radiologist pulled it out at a certain angle.) The tube looked pretty gross when it came out but I could sort of see why my throat had been hurting a bit more lately. Here’s to never having one again!

So, for the first time in six weeks, I can:

  • Wash my entire face
  • Roll around in bed any which way I want, without worrying about strangling myself, pulling the tube out, or clogging the line
  • Walk outside without having people stare
  • Not have a sore throat or nose

My tube’s absence actually makes for quite an adjustment. I still reach up and expect to touch it or go to sleep and have to remind myself that I don’t need to worry about it. I go outside utterly conscious of how I don’t need to be self conscious. I look at my face and I’m not quite sure what I see. It may sound strange, as I only had the tube for six weeks, but I don’t quite recognize myself. Do I look different than I did before? I don’t think anyone else notices it, so probably not. I’m just not used to seeing my face. Because while the tube and the tape only literally covered maybe a fifth of my face, it was what I saw, to a large extent. Now I see…me? It’s an adjustment I’m glad to be making, anyway.



7 thoughts on “My (nose) laid bare

  1. you look beautiful! i’m so glad to hear that tube has gone bye-bye. and that you’re able to do these little things that i and many others take for granted. you deserve it!

  2. Beautiful photos as usual, Jordan! Congratulations on removal of the njtube. You’ve been such a trooper. Not many people would be able to stay as strong as you have. I’m so glad you’ve made progress! Thanks for keeping everyone informed through your blog. Love you. Aunt Debbie

  3. Ack, can’t believe I missed this BIG NEWS. I’m a bit behind on my fave blogs, because it’s been a bit crazy lately. Not in a bad way.

    Congratulations! You look fantastic, healthy and radiant 🙂 Four pounds is pretty good. What are some of the delicious things you’ve been eating lately?

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