Saturday Farmer’s Market + Downtown Chico

One of my favorite things about returning to Chico, my charming hometown in Northern California, is the Farmer’s Markets.

There’s community.

There’s food.

Beautiful food.

Glorious food.

This is what tomatoes are supposed to look like.

At the farmer’s market, I can get Chris’s eggs.

They are seriously the best eggs I’ve ever had.

And Chris is a great guy, too. He’s always ready to greet you with a big smile and a fantastic Yorkshire accent.

I also got my almond butter there.

A while later, I headed back downtown with my parents to run some errands. (Good days, how I love you.) After visiting Campus Bicycle, where my dad’s bike was being worked on, we came across the a local festival that was going on.  We ran into several people we know, including Ann Schwab at the “Meet the Mayor” booth. 

We came across this great ice cream cart, normally found at the Thursday night farmer’s market. Spoons Chico makes vegan (and hence lactose-free!) ice cream. Unfortunately for me, it’s made with coconut milk and while I’m not allergic to it, every time I’ve tried coconut milk or other coconut products, my stomach has been in pretty severe pain and I usually have an episode. (I first noticed this when a friend of mine was doing a food challenge with coconut and the dishes seemed to make my stomach hurt more than usual. Since coming home, this experience was further confirmed by some attempts to use coconut as a dairy-alternative.) My mom tried some, however, and said it was absolutely delicious.

I talked with the proprietor (you can read his story here) about non-dairy ice creams. He said he’d experimented with almond milk and almond butter before. I’ll keep an eye out for if he does so again!


8 thoughts on “Saturday Farmer’s Market + Downtown Chico

  1. Your farmer’s market has so much beautiful (nay, indeed glorious!) produce, I am so envious! As for non-dairy ice creams, I’m sure you could even whip up some yourself, by using soy milk and soy creamer (if your stomach can tolerate that, at least)? Are you also gluten-intolerant? Because you used buckwheat flour instead of regular for those yummy cookies?

    • I think I’m okay with soy, and I actually have some soy milk ice cream in my freezer, but I haven’t tried it yet. Gluten I’ve gone a few rounds on and right now I *think* I’m okay with it. I definitely don’t have celiac’s, and I don’t seem to have another kind of intolerance. My doctor’s thought I might and I did a trial, hence discovering some gluten-free recipes, like the buckwheat cookies.

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